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Mundoval Insights: Why Invest Globally?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : March 5, 2015                                                                                                                   

New Global Investing Video Series Announced: “Mundoval Insights”

La Jolla, CA – Today Mundoval Capital Management, Inc. ( unveiled the first in a series of online videos featuring the firm’s President & Chief Investment Officer, Arthur Q. Johnson, discussing global investment portfolio management strategies.

The series—“Mundoval Insights”—was produced by JM2Group Digital Media in partnership with The San Diego Central Library and aims to inform both clients & prospective investors about developments in global capital markets, while providing insight into Mundoval’s value-based portfolio management philosophy & processes.

The first release, “Why Invest Globally?” explains Mundoval’s preference to implement its investment methodology across global markets without the constraints of country or industry sector allocation limits.

“According to Bloomberg, nearly two-thirds of the world’s $60 Trillion stock market capitalization exists outside of the United States”, reports Johnson, “and although the U.S. stock market is the largest in the world, close to 70% of the investing opportunities are located in foreign stock markets.”  Johnson also sites the benefits of diversification, reduction of portfolio risk, and opportunities for greater rates of return as the key elements of Mundoval’s global portfolio management investment process.

Additional releases in the Mundoval Insights video series filmed and produced at The San Diego Central Library include “What Makes Mundoval Different?” and “Margin of Safety – The Key to Value Investing in Securities”.

A fourth video, “ Four Common Attributes of Outperforming Investors” is slated for production and release in 2Q 2015.

About Mundoval Capital Management, Inc.

Mundoval Capital Management, Inc. ( is an SEC registered investment adviser located at 7855 Ivanhoe Avenue, Suite 210 in La Jolla, California. President and CIO, Arthur Q. Johnson, organized Mundoval in 2002 to serve as investment adviser to individuals, trusts, retirement plans, and corporations. In an effort to accommodate market demand and client needs, Mundoval Capital Management, Inc. established a no-load global value mutual fund  on September 3, 2004. During 2011, the firm launched Mundoval Partners L.P., a concentrated investment portfolio designed to offer accredited investors higher targeted portfolio returns.


Published videos are available on Mundoval’s YouTube Channel. Additionally, white papers press releases and additional resources for clients and prospective investors are available on Mundoval Capital Management’s website.


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